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Chiropractor Toppenish, WA

Welcome to Toppenish Chiropractic

Welcome to Toppenish Chiropractic Clinic. This brochure will introduce you to our services, facility, and our health care practitioners.

Toppenish Chiropractic Clinic utilizes natural, drugless, non-surgical treatment of back and neck conditions. We also evaluate and treat shoulder, arm, and hand as well as hip, knee, ankle and foot conditions.

Chiropractic utilizes the body’s ability to heal itself when the spine and nerve system are restored to normal balance. Treatment at Toppenish Chiropractic Clinic may utilize modern bio-mechanical chiropractic adjustment, massage therapy, hydro-therapy, intersegmental traction, rehabilitation exercise, posture correction traction, orthopedic bracing, foot orthotics, and nutrition.

Our office hopes you will return to this site whenever you have a question about your health and well being. We also encourage you to contact our Toppenish or Yakima chiropractor – either by phone 509-865-5636 or email – to schedule an appointment. We look forward to working with you to keep your body healthy!